The Ravensthorpe Project comprises of one granted exploration licences (E 74/669) cover an area of 21 Blocks (~61km2) within the Archaean volcano-sedimentary Ravensthorpe Greenstone belt located in the Esperance region of Western Australia.

The Raventhorpe Project is located approximately 500km southeast of Perth, and approximately 15km southeast of Ravensthorpe, in the South Coastal Region of Western Australia. Ravensthorpe is located midway between Albany and Esperance on the sealed National Highway 1.

The Ravensthorpe Project is located adjacent to the First Quantum Minerals (FQM) open-pit nickel mine and the RAV8 sulphide nickel mine. The project area is dominated by the northwest trending Ravensthorpe Range, which rises from an average elevation of 100m above sea level to a highest point of approximately 400m.

The Ravensthorpe Project covers a portion of the northern margin of the volcano-sedimentary Maydon Syncline, within the Archaean Ravensthorpe Greenstone Belt. The Ravensthorpe Project contains several sequences of the Bandalup Ultramafic, which are the host unit for nickel sulphide mineralisation at Jerdacuttup, the closest being the RAV8 mine to the north.

The tenement is considered prospective for nickel sulphide mineralisation of a similar style to the RAV8 to the north, with soil surveys identifying several “anomalous” samples to 500ppm Ni in the ultramafic horizons.